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Carolyn Freeman Atkins and Stanley Atkins designed the layout and built Indianhead Resort in 1969/70 themselves with the help of local businesses   The campground opened for business in 1971.  The above photo was taken circa 1972 in front of the Indianhead Resort entrance of the original family.  Stanley operated the campground up until his passing.   The campground was sold to the youngest daughter, Pamela and Richard Churchill, in 1991. Thereafter, Pamela and her family, have continually operated the business and do so today.  Indianhead Resort has always been a family business, minus six years from 1984-1990. Historically, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, Pamela’s children, Ricky, Chris and Michael, and Carolyn herself along with  Pamela’s sister Suzie and her children Markham and Cassie from 1991-2014 all took part in sharing the fun times of running of the campground, from doing security at night to cleaning the bathhouses.  The campground sits on about 46 acres of land, with pond frontage on Savery Pond.  We are proud to say that the campground remains a family owned business.

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"My family used to come here for years to this amazing campground. What great memories! The campsites were clean and private, they had a nice play area and the showers were clean too. They had a general store where my sister and I loved to buy candy. Great memories! The cover picture of the lake is EXACTLY as I remember it. We went swimming every day. Please choose this campground if you’d like to camp near Cape Cod." Kristen Papucci

"We absolutely love Indianhead resort. They have a great staff that run the resort and it's very low-key and quiet a great place to relax" Rick Overdorff

"It’s a great place to enjoy with friends, family, and why not? just yourself. If you like being in contact with the Mother Nature, this is a nice place for you." José Ernesto Báez

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