About Us

Indianhead’s family friendly reputation is founded on simple rules that require guests to respect nature, property, and one another.

The campground preserves the forest by allowing only clean burning fires. Absolutely no firewood is allowed to be brought into the campground. America’s forests are threatened by nonnative insects. The USDA Forest service, in 2006, posted this firewood law in MA and other states which are threatened by nonnative insects.

The Indianhead camp store sells kiln dried shrink-wrapped hard wood with fire-starters to to allow families to continue their camping traditions of gathering around a campfire and sharing a marshmallow or two.

The campground preserves peace and quiet with a “No loud music, rap and hip-hop” policy.This creates the ideal place to rest peacefully or stretch out in a lounge chair and dive into a good book.

Campground Amenities Include:

  • Electric & Water at All Sites  (Artesian Well, State tested regularly)
    also gray water drains, no charge.
  • 24-Hour Supervision
  • Picnic Tables
  • Fireplaces
  • MOSQUITO CONTROL  Sprayed weekly
  • Modern Bathroom Facilities
  • Hot Metered Showers (25 cents for 20 min’s.)
  • Laundry: (Wash $1.25, Dry $1.00)
  • Dumping Station,  Pump Out Service $$
  • Groceries at fully stocked Camp Store by office
  • Supplies
  • Bait and tackle
  • Firewood
  • Ice
  • Sightseeing Information in office